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Ens Ekt

  • 10 Sep

  • paul


Adam Pultz Melbye – double bass
Simon Rose – baritone saxophone
Paul Stapleton – bonsai sound sculpture (BoSS)

Ens Ekt features the experimental musical inventions of Paul Stapleton (Californian born, Belfast-based) placed in dialogue with the circular breathed multiphonics and harmonic textures of Simon Rose (English born, Berlin-based) and the resonant gestural and spectrally focused playing of Adam Pultz Melbye (Danish born, Berlin-based). The group explores emergent timbral, dynamic and social musical structures through improvisation. Having worked together more frequently in duo settings (see below), the trio configuration offers an opportunity to explore new modes of interactions in part facilitated by purpose built technologies that intertwine metallic, wooden and electronic resonances in real time.

Stapleton Pultz-Melbye duo

Stapleton Rose duo

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UK Tour 2018
Ens Ekt May2018 tour flyer