| …with Adam Pultz Melbye

…with Adam Pultz Melbye

  • 07 Jan

  • paul

Adam Pultz Melbye (double bass)
Paul Stapleton (BoSS and Tromba Marina)

Duo album SAP on Noema:

Limited edition 12″ vinyl available here: soundofsap.bandcamp.com/releases

“Stapleton twists and launches Melbye’s methodical, nuanced and patient bow work into a chaotic and rattling, colorful-­sounding playground that intensifies the resonating qualities of both the double bass and the Bonsai Sound Sculpture metallic structure.” -Eyal Hareuveni (The Free Jazz Collective)

“A recommended album for everyone with big and open ears” -Jan Granlie (salt peanuts*)

“Recommended for the music listeners who enjoy the best on the outskirts.” -Niels Overgård (JazzNyt)

Concert at SARC in Belfast, 27 Oct 2016



We did the music for Anne Breymann’s handmade animation Nachtstück (Nocturne)