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Bonsai Sound Sculpture (BoSS)

  • 23 Jun

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The Bonsai Sound Sculpture (BoSS) is a portable modular musical instrument (Paul Stapleton and Neil Fawcett, 2010)
combining a repurposed turntable, DIY electronics, amplified metallic percussion and strings.

The following are examples of performance recordings using the BoSS:
 Adam Pultz Melbye, Paul Stapleton & Simon Waters
SARC, Belfast, 27 October 2016


Radio Gumbo‬, Greenhouse-Berlin 18June2015: Paul Stapleton (BoSS) Simon Rose (saxophones) Adam Pultz Melbye (double bass) and Andrea Parkins (electronics)



Paul Stapleton, Simon Rose, Adam Bohman & Michael Speers, live at Hundred Years Gallery (London), 5th of April 2014:

Paul Stapleton & Simon Rose duo:


*** New Release *** duo album SAP with Adam Pultz Melbye, out now on Noema:

Paul Stapleton and Simon Rose album ‘FAUNA’ released 23 July 2013 on pfMENTUM:

Paul Stapleton & Michael Speers album ‘For Forgetting / Ordurous’
Recorded 12th August 2013, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast:

Recording session with Michael Speers at SARC, August 2013:


Solo performance for Ear Meal, LA Art Stream, 25th February 2015


Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast
13th October 2011
Simon Rose – baritone/ alto saxophone
Paul Stapleton – Bonsai Sound Sculpture (BoSS)
Stephen Davis – drum kit

Paul Stapleton with Ted Byrnes on 23 March 2012:

A concert with Simon Rose, Dave Stockard and Ricardo Jacinto at SARC, February 2014:


Call them Improvisors, Directed by Evan Parker, Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music 2010, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast.