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  • 23 Jun

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*** New release: duo album SAP with Adam Pultz Melbye, out now on Noema. Limited edition 12″ vinyl and digital version available here: soundofsap.bandcamp.com/releases ***

Paul Stapleton is an improviser and sound artist originally from Southern California. He designs and performs internationally with a variety of modular metallic sound sculptures, custom made electronics and found objects. Paul is currently Professor of Music at SARC in Belfast, where he teaches and supervises research in new musical instrument design, music performance, sound design, and critical improvisation studies. He has received critical acclaim for several artistic projects, including his album FAUNA (2013, pfMENTUM) with saxophonist Simon Rose, and for his sound design and composition work as part of the immersive audio theatre piece Reassembled, Slightly Askew (2015).