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  • 23 Jun

  • paul


*** New release: duo album SAP with Adam Pultz Melbye, out now on Noema. Limited edition 12″ vinyl and digital version available here: soundofsap.bandcamp.com/releases ***

I’m an improviser, sound artist, inventor and writer originally from Southern California, currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I design and perform with a variety of modular metallic sound sculptures, custom made electronics, found objects and electric guitars in locations ranging from experimental music clubs in Berlin to remote beaches on Vancouver Island. Since 2007, I have been lecturing at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC), where I teach and supervise MA & PhD research in performance technologies, interaction design and site-specific art. My recent album ‘FAUNA’ with saxophonist Simon Rose has received acclaim from music critics such as Ken Waxman (Jazzword), Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg (Orynx), Mark Corroto (All About Jazz), Marc Medwin (New York City Jazz Record) and others. I co-direct the Translating Improvisation research group (with Sara Ramshaw), and the QUBe music collective (with Steve Davis).