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  • 23 Jun

  • paul

Selected publications:

Sara Ramshaw & Paul Stapleton (2015) Un-Remembering: Countering Law’s Archive. Improvisation as Social Practice, in Stewart Motha and Honni van Rijswijk (eds.), Law, Violence, Memory: Uncovering the Counter-Archive, Routledge. Prior version presented at Critical Legal Conference 2013, Queen’s University Belfast.

Paul Stapleton (2013) Autobiography and Invention: Towards a Critical Understanding of Identity, Dialogue and Resistance in Improvised Musics, Contemporary Music Review, 32:2-3, pp165-174, Taylor & Francis.

Michael Gurevich, Adnan Marquez-Borbon & Paul Stapleton (2012) Playing with Constraints: Stylistic Variation with a Simple Electronic Instrument, Computer Music Journal, 36:1, pp23-41, MIT Press.

Michael Gurevich, Paul Stapleton & Peter Bennett (2009) Designing for Style in New Musical Interactions, International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Pittsburgh.

Paul Stapleton (2008) Performing the Document: Navigating the Terrain of Practice as Research, in David Cecchetto, et. al. (eds.), Collision: Interarts Practice and Research, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Paul Stapleton (2008) Dialogic Evidence: Documentation of Ephemeral Events, Body Space and Technology Journal, 7:2, Brunel University.

Paul Stapleton (2007) Dialogic Instruments: Virtuosity (Re)Located in Improvised Performance, Leonardo Electronic Almanac 15:11-12, MIT Press.

Paul Stapleton (2006) Documentation in Performance-Led Research, Media International Australia 118, University of Queensland.

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