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  • 07 Jan

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…with Rui Chaves
Commissioned for radiofutura, part of digital arts festival Future Places (2010)

‘Left+Right’ explored ideas of soundwalking, choreography and improvisation to create a realtime site-specific audio performance, in which two performers who simultaneously broadcast audio from overlapping journeys across the city of Belfast, employing the form of interaction found in radio transmission as a source for relational dialogue between performers, place and listener. Each performer, “Left” and “Right,” supplied part of the stereo chain that was broadcast to multiple listeners across the internet. The piece investigated the diverse soundscape of Belfast, as well as the changing distances and relationships between each performer’s unique sonic perspective. The concepts of liminality, psychogeography, ritual and play are interrogated through this adapted metaphor of the stereo image. The resulting audio broadcast was dynamic in nature, shaped by realtime decisions that were transmitted through a mobile and multivocal ecological network.

…with Mark Applebaum
Recorded on 23 april 2012

…with Ted Byrnes
LA Art Stream’s Ear Meal webcast
Broadcasted live on 16th May 2012
Original video from: http://laartstream.com/ear-meal/paul-stapleton-ted-byrnes/

Ted Byrnes – drum kit
Paul Stapleton – bonsai sound sculpture (BoSS)
23 March 2012

Gig review from SF Luggage Store Gallery, June 2012.

Extract from Music Improvisations by Adnan Marquez-Borbon (sax) & Paul Stapleton (electronics) at the 2015 Eighteenth Annual LAW, CULTURE, AND THE HUMANITIES Conference, March 6-7, 2015, Georgetown University Law Centre, Washington, D.C.
Part of a panel chaired by Sara Ramshaw on ‘Translating Improvisation Across Disciplines: Music and Law’


…with A Middle Sex
Ft. Paul Stapleton (guitar)
circa 2004

Dave Stockard – Percussion
Ricardo Jacinto – Cello
Paul Stapleton – Bonsai Sound Sculpture (BoSS) & Tromba Marina
11th November 2013
Recorded at the Sonic Arts Research Centre by Craig Jackson & Matilde Meireles


…with John Granzow
March 2012, CCRMA – Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford


…with Chris Chafe– celletto
From improvisations at CCRMA (Stanford) on the 28 February 2012

…with Peter Whitehead
Recorded in the Mission, SF on 9 may 2012

Audio from ‘A Place like This’, a soundwalk created by Fionnuala Fagan & Paul Stapleton.
This soundwalk is part of the Belfast Soundwalks app developed by the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast Soundwalks.
Download the soundwalk here

Download Modular Sound Sculpture Library

Download Stalker Score

Download Sniper Score

Noise Quartet

lynchian dwarf


Ensamble Bliss en el Conservatorio de las Rosas
tromba marina
water disc
resonator disc
piano wrecking ball and toy penguin
resonator bowl