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Liminal Lands

  • 17 Jun

  • paul

A documentary on Liminal Lands by Conan McIvor

Liminal Lands was an interdisciplinary project for MA and PHD students affiliated with the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Film Studies, the Centre for International Borders Research and the Interdisciplinary Arts MA at Queen’s University Belfast, as well as the School of Art and Design at University of Ulster.

The project explored the ideas of liminality and threshold in the context of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. We were a group of ten artists travelled this border generating work across a variety of artistic practices along the way. On our return to Belfast, we devised a six hour durational performance using the material generated at The Sonic Lab in The Sonic Arts Research Centre on April 17 2010.

The project was led by Michael Mayhew working in collaboration with Paul Stapleton and Liz Greene, with support from a variety of artists and academics who have an interest in this particular border and/or borders in general.

“A line was chosen, a mark on a map, a scar on the land, a border, a threshold between two worlds, between two points of the compass, a diving line, a ideational site, somewhere that matters within separation and seclusion, a place of rites between the sacred and sceptical, it is somewhere yet nowhere enabling us to get lost and to be found removing ourselves from the mundane.”

Lead Artists:
Michael Mayhew is an artist, resides in Manchester, works out of Art. Honouree associate National Review of Live Art.
Paul Stapleton is a sound artist, improviser and writer originally from Southern California, currently based in Belfast at the Sonic Arts Research Centre.
Liz Greene is a boom operator, originally from Dublin is now based at Film Studies at Queen’s

Participating Artists:
Isobel Andreson
Conan McIvor
Mark Caffrey
Rui Chaves
Adan Marquez-Bordon
Lisa Keogh

Photo by Neil Harrison, 2010