| …with Neil Fawcett

…with Neil Fawcett

  • 23 Jun

  • paul

A series of largely metallic instruments were created in a collaboration between myself and designer-makers Neil Fawcett and Kiran Singh, as part of my practice-led PhD research project The Development of Dialogic Music (2001-2004) at the University of Central Lancashire (UK). In this project I sought to investigate, through a range of collaborative reflective practices, the many relationships at play within specific forms of ensemble-based improvisation. The instrument creation process played a key role in the research, employing both user-centered and heuristic design methods. The resulting behavior of the instruments themselves significantly contributed to the study. The instruments have since been reemployed in a broad range of contexts. Following my PhD studies, I continued to collaborate with Neil Fawcett on a number of other instruments, including the MiSS (Modular Sound Sculpture) and the BoSS (Bonsai Sound Sculpture).

Bonsai Sound Sculpture (BoSS)


Modular Sound Sculpture (MiSS)

MiSS 2007

Examples from the Dialogic Instrument Series – Tromba Marina, Disc One, Bowl Cello

Dialogic Instrument Series 2001-2004